5 most frequently returned Christmas gifts

HOUSTON – Candles, lotion and gift cards are all last minute go-to gifts when you can't think of anything else to give. While you're struggling to think of something original, you should avoid certain items. 

B-stock, a company that deals in liquidating excess inventory for retailers, says these were the five most frequently returned gifts last year. 

Graphic T-shirts with clever one-liners are all over stores this holiday season, but website Deal News reported that they were returned by the hundreds after the holidays in 2016. 

Novelty toys like this year's Fingerlings or last year's Hatchimals are only good gifts if your child actually wants one. Save yourself the time and money if they haven't mentioned the toys.

For the grown-ups on your list, don't fall for specialty kitchenware retailers roll out this time of year. 

Deal News says dad probably already has all the hardware you'd buy for him anyway. Save him and yourself some time by not buying this impersonal gift he will only want to return. 

There were big returns on hover boards last year, with them bursting into flames. It's why Deal News says it's a good idea to avoid any trendy tech items unless and until you know they're safe and the person you're buying for actually wants it. 

So what can you buy? Here are handy gift guides for women, techies, toddlers, even gifts you can get for under $20 for last minute gift exchanges.