As Seen on TV Tuesday: Build Bonanza put to the test

HOUSTON – It's not just adults who are susceptible to all those "As Seen on TV" commercials. Our kids can get sucked in too. That may not be a bad thing. This time of year you can use the help for stocking-stuffer ideas. Consumer expert Amy Davis is testing strips to take your Lego creations to a whole new level. The package of four rubber strips with Lego-like dots are called Build Bonanza. The makers claim they will stick to anything so you can build with blocks anywhere, even upside down or sideways. 

Build Bonanza is $12.99. When stretched out end to end, the four strips in the package are 12 feet long. Davis' 6-year-old son Jack had big plans. 
"We're gonna try and put them up here and see if they work," he told his mom, pointing to the front of a bookshelf. 

Build Bonanza is not a Lego product; but the makers claim the strips work with Legos, Megablocks and other bricks. 
The Legos do stick, but with more of a grip on the rubber strips than a click. Jack found himself doing a lot of pressing to get the connection. 
When he tried Build Bonanza on his race car bed, he found it even harder to get the Legos to stick there. 

"It's not sticking," he told Davis.

"What's the problem?" she asked. 

"I don't know. It's not sticking." 

Davis had a difficult time applying the strips in a straight line. It can make a difference in getting the blocks to lock on. And if you want to stick two strips together to have a bigger base to build, forget about it!
It is very difficult to line up two strips so that one Lego fits tightly on both. 

"After all, it turned out to not be really good as I thought it would be," Jack confessed.  

As for the claim that you can use and reuse the strips, you should try to keep the sticky back covered to keep debris and carpet fibers from sticking to it. Davis was able to rinse off her strips after they lost their stickiness. That helped to bring it back.