How to find high-quality makeup at low prices

Local makeup artist shares finds

HOUSTON – Chanel, Prada and Dior: Just the names make you think beauty, luxury and bling. But if you're looking to save, consumer expert Amy Davis is here to introduce you to some lesser-known make-up brands that'll give you the same look for a lot less money. 

From a woman's biggest day to an evening out, makeup artist Oscar Lara knows how to amp up the beauty and he said he can do it just as easily with a $5 product as with one that costs $50. 

Lara said quality doesn't have anything to do with money, "It's kind of like why would someone spend $5,000 on a Chanel bag? Because it's Chanel," he said.

Lara said that through trial and error, he has discovered many products that are low budget and at the same time high quality.

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Specifically, Lara recommends the NYX Studio Perfect Photo Loving Primer. It is listed on Amazon for less than $10 and NYX's Honey Dew Me Up Primer sells for about $12.

Some online reviews say it stacks up well to high-end Guerlain's L'or Pure Radiance Face Primer that costs six times as much at $74.   

"It makes your foundation last throughout the day," Lara said. "It minimizes pores and also just makes the skin texture really nice."  

While we're talking foundation, Lara said to try the NYX Total Control Foundation for less than $15. He likes the silky texture. 

While you can buy these products at drug stores, Lara said you can sometimes find them for even less at the Harwin Central Mart at 9700 Harwin. It's where another product Lara recommends, LA Pro Concealer, was on sale for $3.49.

Lara said the brand Forever Matte, a lip gloss that costs $2, looks and feels just like Kylie Jenner's $14 lip gloss
"It actually even smells and kind of tastes better," he said.

If you're willing to go a bit out of your way for a good deal, check out The Beauty Blvd. The store at 2623 1/2 North Freeway, north of downtown, is owned by makeup artists. Lara said it's where he bought a Beauty Creations eye shadow palette with 35 colors for only $25. 

Lara said he also buys RCMA no-color face setting powder online for $12.