How to make cash flipping books

HOUSTON – Need cash? Buying used items and reselling them is one of the quickest ways to make money. One of the easiest items to find and resell is books. Books are at just about every garage sale or thrift shop, and if you know what you are looking for, it may be an easy way to make some extra cash.

"I can go to a thrift store, dig around and find some super hidden gem - I'm obsessed!" said Jen Meneely.

Jen and Pippa Williams run the thrift store shopping blog Too Cheap Blondes. They shop for and "flip" items for fun.
web link: toocheapblondes.com/

Books are everywhere and usually pretty easy to find, so it makes for a great item to "flip" or buy and resell for profit.

"As soon as you pick those up you can get rid of them very easily via ebay or a Facebook trading group," adds Pippa.

For starters, download a book selling app like Amazon or Bookscouter and have your phone ready when you go shopping.  As you pick out books, you can scan the barcodes and see what has great resell value and might be worth buying to sell. 

Books that may have value:

First edition books

A first edition book is one that was the first round of printing for a certain book. Often, you will find these rare books at garage sales because people keep books on their shelves for years and often don't know what they have. First edition books can go for hundreds of dollars.
First edition children's books are very popular on selling sites.  

Books with Signatures

This may go without saying, but any book with the signature of the author can be very valuable.

Books with cool art work

Many times, books will come with really beautiful art work printed inside. Some of this is from famous artists who started out printing in books. (We hate the idea of cutting up a book but some people cut photos out of books and frame it to make a gallery art wall.)

Books from popular authors

Books printed in the last 10 years can be valuable especially if they are popular best selling books. Looking for these books in sets can also mean you can make more money.

Old textbooks

Old and used textbooks can often be worth a lot of money. Textbooks that are still being used in schools can be resold quickly to students looking for a deal. 

Besides checking garage sales and thrift shops, one great place to find books is at library book sales. Many libraries sell used books at the location or they have book sale events every so often. 

10 Places to Sell Your Books

Half Price Book Store (in person)




Etsy (vintage books)

Cash 4 Books

Eagle Saver

Powell's Books


My Book Buyer

Sell Back Your Book