Where to score last minute costumes under $2

HOUSTON – If you are still struggling to find a Halloween costume, you've got two choices. You can make something or you can pick through what's left on store shelves. But wait a minute! Consumer expert Amy Davis has a third option. She found a place where you can score a getup for $2 and there are still plenty of costumes to choose. 

At 99 Cent Only Stores, there are scary skeletons, wizardly witches and cats to suit any fancy.  

"You can't beat 99 cents. You just can't," said Desiree Anderson, who works at the store. "And these are great quality masks. And there's a huge variety." 

Davis asked Anderson to find us some last minute Halloween costumes. 

She made a bumblebee costume with a cute headband and matching wings from the party section. You can find other accessories, like a gun, for your little cowboy, in the toy section. 

They've got makeup and even temporary face tattoos for less than a dollar. 

"So you don't have to do all of the really fancy artwork yourself," Anderson said. "You can put on the face tattoo plus this Day of the Dead hat right here." 

There are at least a dozen varieties of witches hats. The idea is that you can mix and match any hat and mask and you've got a $2 costume. At that price, you should probably splurge and include your favorite pet in the party. The 99 Cents Only Store also has pet costumes. 

Want something original? Then steer clear of the top 5 most popular costumes this year, according to the Costume Supercenter

5. Jon Snow from Game of Thrones


4. Uma from Disney's Descendants 2


3. Wonder Woman


2. Eleven from Stranger Things


1. Pennywise the clown from the thriller "It"