Restaurant Report Card: Rodent droppings, roaches found at Houston eateries

HOUSTON – The Houston Health Department once again hit the streets, checking restaurants for dangerous food and health code violations.

Here's how some restaurants fared during recent inspections:

GC’s Seafood & Grill

Located at 9795 Beechnut, health inspectors said they found rodent droppings and roaches at GC's Seafood & Grill. The report said inspectors found dried rodent excrement in the vestibule and live roaches in the food preparation area.

A re-inspection of the restaurant was ordered.

Shanghai Inn

Roaches alive and well and crawling around -- that’s what inspectors said they found at the Shanghai Inn located at 14155 Northwest Freeway.

In fact, the health department said it ordered the restaurant to temporarily close after finding cockroaches on the wall behind the cooking equipment and on boxes located next to the ice machine.

During the re-inspection, roaches were found once again -- this time near the cook line.

Collina's Italian Cafe

Collina’s Italian Cafe on 19th Street in the Heights was where inspectors said they found "food not safe for human consumption."

Inspectors said they found chicken, mozzarella cheese, lasagna and Philly cheese steak all being stored above 41 degrees, which is not allowed.

Southern Goods

Restaurant inspectors called "no good" on the ice being served at Southern Goods on West 19th Street. There inspectors found pink and brown slime in the ice machine. One thousand pounds of ice had to be trashed.

Pupuseria Maldonado

Pupuseria Maldonado on Maxey Road is where inspectors said they also found slime in the ice machine. Workers were ordered to clean and sanitize the ice maker to be free of "black dirt and slime."

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