Walmart names its most bizarre best-seller by state

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Walmart has revealed some of its most popular bizarre items sold in every state across the nation.

The Arkansas-based company revealed the results of their Walmart.com analysis to Business Insider.

The mega-retailer noted that some products -- microwaves, vacuums and Mainstays pillows -- were popular across the country, but some items had a surprising popularity in certain states.

Check out the list of products by state, as originally published by Business Insider

Alabama - cake mixes
Alaska - bathroom decor
Arizona - toasters
Arkansas - baby products
California - Zyrtec
Colorado - apple juice
Connecticut - movies
Delaware - vitamins/medicine
Florida - connected home
Georgia - humidifiers
Hawaii - fabric
Idaho - Gatorade
Illinois - puzzle storage
Indiana - hand sanitizer
Iowa - diapers
Kansas - shampoo/conditioner
Kentucky - Legos
Louisiana - raisins
Maine - peanut butter and jelly
Maryland - certificate holders
Massachusetts - tennis balls
Michigan - life jackets
Minnesota - folding chairs
Mississippi - cran-energy juice
Missouri - disposable washcloths
Montana - laundry detergent
Nebraska - beverage tumblers
Nevada - pumpkin
New Hampshire - nasal spray
New Jersey - dumbbells
New Mexico - golf balls
New York - connected home
North Carolina - electric knives
North Dakota - drink mixes
Ohio - Hatchimals
Oklahoma - tools
Oregon - Chex Mix
Pennsylvania - Legos
Rhode Island - Jell-O
South Carolina - garage door openers
South Dakota - lemon cake
Tennessee - traffic safety cones
Texas - wedding invitations
Utah - chocolate
Vermont - luggage racks
Virginia - baby puffs cereal
Washington - starbursts
West Virginia - ramen noodles
Wisconsin - Shopkins
Wyoming - freezer packs

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