New app helps users tackle household chores, tasks

Takl now offered in Houston area

HOUSTON – For just about anything you need these days, as the saying goes, "there's an app for that." And KPRC's Sara Donchey is taking a look at an app created to help homeowners tackle all their household chores and so much more with just the push of a finger.

Whether it's moving furniture, mowing the law or just changing a light bulb, there are always little household chores you would rather have someone else do for you.

"Everything, from hanging massive mirrors and heavy artwork to replacing the lights outside my front door," said a past Takl customer.

With that in mind, the Takl app was created -- and is now offered in the Houston area.

"So just like today we use Uber or Lyft, or Delivery Dudes, or GrubHub to get something on demand, whether it's to get a ride or food delivered, Takl provides an on-demand platform for people to be able to get their lawn mowed, house cleaned or maybe some garbage hauled away. All kinds of jobs and chores at a pre-set price,” said Jack Johnson, vice president of PR for the tech-based company.

Blake Landry is a Takl provider and said the service has given him a great supplemental income while he's on break from his offshore job.

"One day, I think I made a total of almost $400 that day," Landry said.

The jobs he performs range from landscaping to painting a door or even cleaning a stainless steel barbecue pit.

"It's mediocre things that people need done that either don't have the time or can't do themselves. Or maybe they can and they'd just rather spend time with the kids," Landry said.

But the app is helping with more than just your "honey-do" list. You can hire someone to set up your home entertainment system for $135. You can even hire someone to read to you for $40.

The app is pretty simple to use. Say you wanted someone to come in and fold your laundry for you; all you do is open the app, list the job and pretty soon, providers are vying for the work. Best of all, there is no haggling over price.

"We don't talk price. I go, I agree to do the job, once it's done, they pay Takl, Takl pays me. No hidden fees. It gives the customer a sense of security knowing that 'Hey, this is what it's going to be, no questions asked,'" Landry said.

Keeping customer safety in mind, the company makes sure its providers undergo a background check, ID verification and orientation before being listed on the site. The customer gets to pick which provider they want to do their job.

"Then once they're en route to your house, you're literally geo-tracking them -- just like you do an Uber car when they're on the way to pick you up -- you can follow this person as they're on the way to your home. So you know who's coming," Johnson said.

Takl keeps anywhere between 10 and 30 percent of the overall job cost, but users can also tip their provider for a job well done. For more information on the app, visit takl.com.