As Seen on TV: Aqua Dog

HOUSTON – Cold water bottles keep us cool in these hot summer months, but what do you bring when your fur baby is on the go with you? Consumer expert Amy Davis discovered the Aqua Dog water bottle on the As Seen on TV shelf at Walmart. She purchased one for $12.88 and took it to a local dog park to try it out for As Seen on TV Tuesday.

You fill the Aqua Dog like any other water bottle. The small bowl attached to the bottle fills up when you squeeze the Aqua Dog. Your dog can drink right from the bowl-shaped lid.  Unused water won't drain back into the bottle, so you don't have to worry about bacteria or debris getting the rest of the water dirty. The Aqua Dog holds 18 ounces of water and it fits in the cup holder of most vehicles.

"I think it is amazing. It's so clever," said Shelley Weathers, when we showed her the product at a dog park. Her dog Parsley didn't need much coaxing to drink from the bottle. 
"She drinks out of the pond and I can not stand that," said Weathers "So maybe she will drink out of it (the Aqua Dog) and that would be nice."

Weathers was so impressed with Aqua Dog, she said she's going to buy them for all of her friends with dogs.