Mobile banking: 6 tips to keep your info safe

Technology has allowed for many conveniences. One of those is banking from your mobile device.

A 2015 Verizon study found that 55 percent of American smartphone owners made a mobile bank transaction. It’s fast, easy, and accessible, but there are some risks.

Here are some tips to keep your smartphone banking safe:

Use your bank’s customized app, not a web browser. The apps offer password protection and better security. Be sure to update the app whenever a new version is available. Newer security features are often added as updates.

Be sure to use a screen lock on your phone with a unique code that only you know.

Don’t use public Wi-Fi when making banking transactions. These networks can be infected with hidden viruses that could steal your information.

Don’t use an automatic log-in for your banking app. If your phone is lost or stolen, someone else could have access to all of your account info.

Clear your data occasionally. Banks may send you messages with passwords that you don’t want to share.

Lock your apps. Some programs, such as “app lock,” let you use a separate PIN, password or fingerprint to unlock apps.

Smartphones have made managing your bank account easier than ever. But make sure you’re banking safe.