5 mistakes that keep you from getting a raise

Are you tired of making the same amount of money year after year? Maybe you’re dreaming of a raise, but not sure how to get one. There are five mistakes that may be keeping you from making more! 

The first: not asking! One study found less than half of working Americans ever ask for a raise. So ask, but make sure you do your research and know how much you’re worth.

The next mistake: bad timing. Don’t ask for a raise when your boss is stressed or following a budget cut announcement. The best time is after a big success that can be traced back to you.

Mistake three: sticking to your job description only. If you never go above and beyond, your boss is much less likely to reward you with a raise. Volunteer to take on extra projects or come in early and stay late. Another no-no: not learning new skills. The more you know, the more valuable you are to your company.

The last mistake: asking for a raise but not wanting to take on more. If you want to make more, you must be willing todo more!

So what are the odds that you’ll get a raise if you ask for one? A 2015 study found that of the people who asked for a raise, three quarters got one, and 44-percent received the amount they asked for!