Houston company tackles your pile of clean laundry

Taking on the most time-consuming chore in your house

HOUSTON – Are you living out of your laundry basket instead of folding and putting your family's clothes away? Do you just pluck what you need from the basket because you never have time to fold all the laundry? A new Houston company wants to give you a hand.

Just snap a picture of your laundry pile or your chaotic closet and Fold will follow up with an estimate to tackle it.

"You know you have your laundry sitting around like this... on a chair, on a couch, on your bed," said Fold co-owner Nathan Gigee, gesturing to a pile of clothes next to  him. "And we actually come in and we'll put it away for you."

Nathan and his sister Rachel discovered an untapped market.

"Working mom, working dad, two to three children at home. You know you don't have time to fold the laundry while you're taking kids to baseball games, choir practice, soccer games," Gigee said. 

Fold goes beyond the basket to your closet to hang your clothes, organize your shoes and purses and even straighten your dresser drawers. They say they understand the importance of privacy and trust. It's why they've kept the company in the family. Nathan and Rachel's mom does most of the folding.

"Who works for us is actually our family and we like that... because we're walking into family's homes; and we have our family walking in there as well," explained Rachel.

Now what you really want to know is what the service will cost you.

Fold charges $30 an hour or $25 an hour if you schedule a recurring weekly or monthly appointment with them.

They say folding and putting away laundry for a typical family of four and organizing for each takes between 4 and five hours for the initial visit and about three hours for each follow-up.

"We want to put time back in your day to make sure that you have time to be with your kids," said Nathan.

Fold will come to you anywhere in the Houston area from Pearland to the Woodlands to Sugar Land. They will also take your old clothes you no longer want and donate them to charity.