Mother's Day gift idea provides bling, benefits the community

Mother's Day is Sunday, and if you don't have a gift for your mom, consumer expert Amy Davis has an idea.

The National Retail Federation says Americans are expected to spend $5 billion on jewelry this Mother's Day. But if you are uninspired by the bling you see in stores, head to The Guild Shop on Dunlavy in Montrose.

We found something old, something new and something shiny in every hue. The jewelry counter at The Guild Shop is a treasure trove of vintage heirloom collectibles.

"Open a box, (and)it's like Christmas because it's a surprise what you're going to find in there," said K.K. Miller, a Guild Shop volunteer.

Everything in the store is on consignment, donated or part of an estate, so every piece has some history.

"It has a story somewhere; we just may not know what it is," Miller said.  She researches each piece that comes in.

The store carries pieces by designer Margot de Taxco, who is best known for silver and enamel pieces. She died in 1974.

“People try to find her work, and look we've got it,” Miller said.
One of de Taxco’s pieces sells for $798, which is a good price compared to other pieces sold online by the designer.

But you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for a unique piece.

The Guild Shop has trendy cameo brooches, but you can make anything at the store one of a kind.

‘So you can put things together and make them your own statement piece,” Miller said.  

If your mom loves the hunt as much as the trophy, the Guild has gift cards too.

The Guild Shop is part of St. John the Divine Catholic Church, and all proceeds go to organizations that serve the elderly in need.