Krispy Kreme fans in Baytown line up for free doughnuts for a year

BAYTOWN, Texas – A Krispy Kreme in Baytown celebrated a grand opening with free doughnuts for a year for the first person in line. 

A big line formed overnight at the new shop on Garth Road and Rollingbrook Drive, where the first person in the door got a dozen doughnuts a week for a year. 

The 99 following the first person get a dozen a month for one year.

The man at the front of the line said he was not only there for free doughnuts, but to meet other members of the community. 

"I get a dozen doughnuts each week for a year," said Murphy Chapman. "I'm going to share them with everyone."

There are two other Krispy Kreme locations in the Houston area. One is off Westheimer, the other is near Highway 6.