Big retailers buy unwanted stuff

Old phones and outdated electronics turn into clutter and take up valuable space drawer space. March is a good time for a clean-up.

Now you can get gift cards for your de-cluttering efforts.

At www.TargetTrade-in.com, you can search for phones, tablets, mp3 players, video games, game consoles and wearables.

Just click on the device you no longer want, answer some questions about it and Target will tell you how much it will give you on a gift card.

If you like the offer, you can print a prepaid shipping label right from the site. and mail your clutter to Target.

Amazon also has a trade-in program. In addition to the electronics Target will let you trade in, Amazon will also take back books, DVD's and CD's.

Since Amazon already knows what you've purchased in recent years that it will now buy back, it automatically shows you your items eligible for trade-in. It showed me that I could get an $11.31 gift card for a Jurassic Park Blue Ray DVD collection I bought in 2015 for $24.99. Amazon also lets you print a pre-paid shipping label.

It's likely you make more money selling items to an individual through Ebay or CraigsList, but some people like the hassle or risk.

If getting the most money is your goal,  you should also check with multiple buy-back sites to find out which one offers the most for your stuff.

Here are some of the most popular buy back websites:

http://www.ebay.com/sl/sell EBay Instant Sale