As Seen On TV Tuesday: Pony Up Daddy

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo opens exactly one month from today. A new As Seen on TV product may be just the thing to get your little ones ready for mutton bustin'.

It is one of the most popular events at the rodeo, where 5and 6-year-olds compete to see who can stay on a sheep the longest.

Matt Aufdenspring's 9-year-old son Nolan competed in 2013. His 5-year-old Graham will give it a shot.

Aufdenspring practices with his boys by letting them ride on his back, but admits the training takes a number on him physically.

"I could only go for so long and it definitely hurts your back," said Aufdenspring.

That's why the commercial for Pony Up Daddy made him slow his gallop and take a gander.

"No more ripped collars. No more stretched shirts. And no more broken jewelry," says the lady in the commercial.

We ordered a Pony Up Daddy saddle for $24.99 to find out if the product could help mutton bustin' hopefuls.

Aufdenspring tried it on and Graham was able to hold on for an impressive eight seconds before he fell. That's when dad realized the failings of the Pony Up Daddy as mutton bustin' training equipment.

There is nothing to hold onto at the rodeo, nothing but the fur of the sheep. To hear big brother Nolan tell it, it is a memorable experience.

"You grab onto the bottom and it'll feel all wet and fuzzy and weirdish things... like throw-up, basically," Nolan said. 

While the kids give Pony Up Daddy a thumbs up, their dad says he'll have to gut out a few more rounds without the saddle.

"Thumbs up to Pony Up for just plain old fun, but for those parents considering it for Mutton Bustin' at the rodeo practice, I'd say a thumbs down," said Aufdenspring. "Stick with dad's back."

We ordered the Pony Up Daddy from Amazon back in December. The site has since stopped selling them.

Pony Up Daddy's own site is currently sold out.