Saving at CVS hacks

CVS makes clipping coupons a thing of the past

HOUSTON – "I don't have time to clip coupons anymore," My Dallas Mommy blogger Laura Thornquist told consumer expert Amy Davis.

"I can save more by just using coupons through the app."

When the CVS app is downloaded, new coupons appear every day. Select coupons to push them to your CVS card. With the app, a smartphone is a CVS Extra Care card.

"It's constantly reminding you that you've got these deals available to you," said Thornquist. "So every time you're here, you look and see what you have available."

Through the app, Thornquist grabbed a coupon for $4 off a $14 purchase of body soap. On the toiletry aisle, there was a promotion on the Old Spice body wash for buy one, get one half off. If Thornquist bought four, after the coupon, the Old Spice came out to $2.97 a bottle, compared to $3.97 a bottle at Target.

"This is a way for me to save, but it's not killing me," said Thornquist.

CVS will also send Extra Bucks to the app. These are basically dollars customers can use in the store for free stuff. Thornquist uses Extra Bucks to buy necessities, even if they aren't the lowest price at CVS.
"We'll buy milk with the Extra Care Bucks, just because it's basically free," she said.

Some CVS locations have CVS Express or curb side pick-up. Just order groceries from the app or online, and a text lets people know when their items are ready.

Right now, get $10 off $20 just for trying it out.

Last tip: CVS is big on coupons, like $5 off a $25 purchase or $10 off $50. Maybe someone doesn't need $50 worth of merchandise? That's where Thornquist takes advantage of the gift cards at CVS.

"You can get a $25 gift card and then get $25 worth of other products, like the birthday card and the wrapping, to get yourself up to that other level and still save," she explained.

Some stores will not allow people to use those coupons if any amount of the total is from gift card purchases. Thornquists said it has worked for her several times, so it may vary from store to store and employee to employee.