Black Friday shoppers line up early at Best Buy in Rosenberg

ROSENBERG, Texas – It's only Tuesday, but Black Friday shoppers are already lining up.

Cartwheels, high kicks and theme songs from "Frozen" -- early Black Friday shoppers are keeping busy, passing time, and having a blast doing it at Best Buy in Rosenberg Tuesday.

Rhianon Suter, 17, says she has always seen other people, like her mom, camping out for Black Friday.

"Everybody talks about how fun its been in the past years, and I've always wanted to experience it," Suter said.

But she never got to go.

"I've always gone with a group of friends, and she was too young to come out," her mother, Lorie Suter said.

So this year, Mom says she's finally old enough. And they're not messing around, arriving extra early to be the first ones to make sure they've got dibs on a brand new TV and laptop.

And Rhianon brought some friends along for the ride so there's no lack of entertainment, but mom says the only entertainment she needs is bonding time with her daughter.

"When your 17-year-old daughter asks you do do something, you kind of don't want to say no, you know," Lorie Suter said.