As Seen on TV Tuesday: Holiday gift guide

There's always one person on your holiday shopping list who has everything. Instead of falling back on the same old slippers or ties, you can make it even easier on yourself. Consumer expert Amy Davis is highlighting the "As Seen on TV" products that have passed our tests this year and are ready to go under the tree.

From kids to canines, curly-headed girls to cooks, we've got you covered this holiday season with "As Seen on TV" products that wowed our testers and would make great gifts.

Got friends or relatives with toddlers? Stuff a Wow Cup in their stocking. Even the tiniest of testers couldn't get the cup to leak. It teaches little ones to transition from bottles and sippy cups to a regular glass while sparing your furniture from milk and juice stains.   

If the kids are hairy with four legs, put a bow on a True Touch Glove and call it day. It's the brush for dogs and cats who don't like brushes, but love to be petted.

Know a girl who shuns her curls? Give her Simply Straight. It's $39.99, and one out of two of our testers said it was faster than using a round brush and hair dryer, so you're giving the gift of time.

Many of you told Davis you already bought the Red Copper pan after you saw our segment in October. Its' claim that nothing sticks held true when we made caramel sauce for bananas Foster. It's $19.99 and safe for the dishwasher, stove top and oven.

No matter who you're buying for, they've got to go. Our modest tester found that the Squatty Potty made the task more comfortable.

If you are open to buying an "As Seen on TV" product as a gift, don't forget you can sometimes find them at dollar stores for a buck.