Paid too much for something? These stores will give you your money back

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Buying something only to see it go on sale a few days later really stinks. Some stores will refund you the difference, but most don't broadcast how the process works. We're hooking you up with the policies of nearly three dozen stores that offer price protection. Some of them will give you your money back even if something you buy goes on sale a full month after you purchase it.

Kyle James, the writer behind the Rather Be Shopping blog found 32 retailers that offer price protection. He explains the policy at each store for getting your money back.

The stores with the most lenient price adjustment policies are J.C. Penney, Fry's and Costco. James says they will all refund the difference of what you paid and the new lower sale price up to 30 days after your purchase.

"For a family on a budget, it's just a nice little way to get some money back," explains James.

At most stores, you simply return to the store with your receipt or call a 1-800 number if you made your purchase online.

"Cool thing about Costco is your purchases are kept in their system, and so you don't necessarily even have to have your receipt," said James.

Receipts sent to your email work the same as paper receipts. Just show your phone to the clerk for the price adjustment.

Victoria's Secret will adjust the price of anything up to 21 days after purchase. Best Buy gives you 15 days, Home Depot allows 14; and WalMart adjusts prices and refunds the difference up to 7 days after you buy an item. 

Sound like too much to remember? The next time you buy an item at full price, set an alarm on your phone or a calendar alert to notify you within 14 or 15 days, whatever the store allows, to remind you to go back and check the store's price.

"It's money that's there for the taking," explains James. "You just have to do a little bit of work to get that money back."

We told you about the Paribus app earlier this year. You give the app access to your email to look for electronic receipts. If they find a refund, they do all the work to get it for you.  They keep 25% of your price adjustment.

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