How much is your time worth?


HOUSTON – How much is your time worth? We're talking an actual dollar amount.

Knowing the value of your time can help you with daily decisions. Do you buy the pre-chopped and sliced veggies or do you spend less at the grocery store and just do it yourself? Depending on what your time is worth, some say you may be better off spending the extra money. ClearerThinking.org can help you figure it out.

The site asks you a series of questions like, your hourly rate, how long you'd wait in line for a giveaway and how much extra you would pay to save an hour. it averages your answers and calculates your time's value.

Using your own dollar amount, the results will tell you things like "If you think about your purchase for over 15 minutes, don't buy it" or "Only hire someone to do your chores if they charge less than $15 per hour."

After taking the test, what you thought your time was worth might not match up with your results.