Colorado ghost town listed on Craigslist for $350,000


Why waste $350,000 on a new house when you can buy an entire town?

The current proprietor of Byers, Colorado is selling the property on Craigslist. The five-acre ghost town comes complete with its own gas station, restaurant, eight-room hotel and two homes for the low price of $350,000.

James Johnson has kept up the property for 16 years, but his love for the town goes much further back.

“I first passed it when I was a teenager, visiting relatives out east,” Johnson said. “I thought it was a cool structure. Then, I just happened to be out driving one day 15 years later and saw it was for sale, so I bought it.”

Johnson said that he still loves the town but wants to travel now. He’s already gotten interest from places as far away as New Zealand.