Find big savings at TJ Maxx stores this week

Shoppers love hunting for bargains. It's one reason off-price retailers like Last Call, Off-Fifth and Marshall's are doing so well when other big department stores are struggling. But we've got some secrets to help you maximize your savings at the biggest off-price chain, TJ Maxx.

Handbags, home decor and name brand clothes, TJ Maxx is loaded with all of them. But pay attention to the color of the price tags. Purple tags are for clothes that appeared on the runway at Fashion Week. Red means an item is on clearance; and RatherBeShopping blogger Kyle James says a yellow tag is a score.

"If you find something that has a yellow tag, typically over that red tag, that means it's been marked down twice," James explained. "That's typically the best price you're gonna find."

In just 4 days, James says you should get yourself to a TJ Maxx for some of the biggest discounts all year.

"I had an employee tell me that July and January are the two months where they will switch out their seasons," James said.

Channel 2 confirmed that with a manager at a local TJ Maxx. The store will be getting ready for fall and marking down summer stuff.

"It's a great time to stock up for this year cause we still have several hot months left before we're really gonna be thinking about fall apparel," said James.
Year-round, some of the best prices James found were on pet beds. They were cheaper than Costco and Petsmart. You can also find deals on name brand luggage and specialty food and candy. Check out the beauty and hair products. We found a popular volumizer at TJ Maxx for $7.99 that sells for $21.99 at Ulta and other beauty stores.