Spring cleaning hacks

Spring may make you think of wildflowers, gardening and getting outside; but first it's time to spruce up the inside of your home with a deep spring clean. Consumer expert Amy Davis has some spring cleaning hacks to help you clean up and get out of the house faster and for less money.

You can buy a different cleaner for every type of surface and specific chore in your home, or you can use items you probably already have lying around and get your deep clean done in less time!
If your shower head has built-up hard water deposits and scum, you can clear those out by filling sandwich bags with vinegar and a little baking soda. Secure the bag to your shower head to let it soak in the solution overnight. Use a rubber band or hair band to keep the bag on. In the morning, use an old toothbrush to brush away that scum.

For shower spots and hard water stains on your glass shower door, just mix some Dawn dish soap and vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray it down and wipe it off. Make your solution thicker with the Dawn if your glass is extra cloudy. You can rub it or wipe it on, let it sit; and then rinse it off after a few minutes.

You can use an toothbrush to get down into small spaces like in your faucet on your sinks or in the tracks of a sliding glass door. 

Instead of wrestling with oven racks in the sink, trying to get them clean, put them in the bathtub. Just fill up your tub with water, dish soap and dryer sheets. Let them soak; and all of that baked-on stuff will wipe right off.

Before you clean ceiling fans and chandeliers, hang an open umbrella indoors upside down underneath them so all of the dust and cleaning solution doesn't end up on your bed or table below.

Dusting the top of your fridge is a pain, trying to reach all the way back. You'll only have to do the chore one more time if you take a sheet of plastic wrap after it's clean and spread it over the top. No one can see it; and the next time it's dirty, you just lift it off and replace it.
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