Volkswagen to revamp proposed fix for diesel cars and other business news

The Volkswagen CEO will meet with officials from the Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday to discuss ways to fix the automaker’s emissions scandal.

On Tuesday, the EPA and California regulators rejected a recall proposal submitted by VW. Both parties independently said no to the company’s plan to recall 500,000 of the two-liter diesel vehicles. The EPA said the automaker has not submitted what it calls an approvable recall plan to bring cars into compliance.

In September, Volkswagen admitted to cheating on emissions regulations. The company installed software on millions of diesel engines, allowing it to dupe the tests.

In other business news, Amazon Prime members can now get 20 percent off videogame preorders. The discount only applies to physical copies of games. Amazon said that the games will be delivered the same day they’re released in stores.

The move is a way for Amazon to grab business from companies like Best Buy, which offers a similar savings program.