Website helps find and recover store refunds for you

If you're a bargain hunter, you know it can be a real bummer to buy something only to find a lower price a few days later. Trying to keep track of all of your purchases and going back to the store to request a refund... it's not gonna happen. Now a new service says it can do all of that for you, finding money you would've left on the table.

Paribus was created by two Harvard graduates who want to make it easier for you to get money back from retailers when you've got it coming.

"Think of me as an automated assistant," says an actor in the Paribus commercial. "I live in your laptop, your cell phone and your tablet. And I get you money back in your online purchases. I automatically detect if the price drops, if it's cheaper elsewhere or if you missed a coupon or a promo code."
It only works with Paribus retail partners, but it is linked with some of the biggest like Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, Macy's and Sephora.

We've gotta warn you. Paribus needs to get in your business. In order to find and track your purchases and request refunds on your behalf, you have to give the site access to your email where you have receipts sent, your Amazon log-in and you have to give them your credit card information. Paribus charges you 25% of any refund it recovers for you. You'll get the refund on the credit card you used to make the purchase. You'll get a charge from Paribus for a fourth of that refund for finding and getting your money to you.