Testing the RotoClipper

Snagged pantyhose and scratches are just a couple of reasons you have to keep your nails trimmed. It's a chore no one really enjoys; but one product claims to make it easier, even enjoyable for your kids.

The RotoClipper is an electric trimmer. It sells for $19.99 at WalMart and other stores. The commercial for the RotoClipper claims it can trim and file your nails in seconds, and won't cut your skin.

Consumer expert Amy Davis’ husband tried the RotoClippers on their 4-year-old son and their 21-month-old daughter. Both usually cry when it's time to trim their nails with the regular clippers. With the RotoClippers, they both laughed and said the vibrations from the trimmer tickled their fingers. Their dad wasn't as amused. He said he had to apply too much pressure to get the RotoClipper to trim at all, and even then it barely trimmed their nails.
"This thing actually seems like it takes longer, to me," Joel Eisenbaum said. 

"It's not trimming them enough?" Davis asked.

"Not really. We'd be here all week! We’ve got three kids," he answered. 

The RotoClipper isn't just for kids; so we found a very good sport at the station to slip off his socks and try it out.

"My toenails tend to be really hard too, so they're hard to clip in that respect," said KPRC Channel 2 News veteran John Steiger.

Steiger said he sometimes has to go to the podiatrist to get his nails trimmed; and after a few minutes with the product, it looks like the RotoClipper won't save him a trip.

"I mean I'd probably have to cut off a good eighth of an inch of it; and with this, it would take me forever," Steiger said. "It's not worth the money."

Both of our testers gave the RotoClipper a jagged thumbs down.