As Seen on TV: The Magic Tap


HOUSTON – No more crying over spilled milk! That's because there's a new way to pour yourself a cold drink!  But does it really keep the milk in the cup?

The Magic Tap is an automatic drink dispenser with a battery-operated motor.  The maker claims this gadget will make pouring drinks super easy with just the push of a button.  Channel 2's Sofia Ojeda tested the Magic Tap in this week's As Seen On TV Tuesday.

With the help of Channel 2 Special Projects Editor Scott Sherman and his son Preston, we opened the box, put two double A batteries in the pump and started the test.

First we tried it with a bottle of orange juice.
With the cup sitting on the counter, the Magic Tap caused a tiny spill.

But then little Preston picked up the cup and put it against the tap, and voila no more spills!

We also tried it with milk and we started to get the hang of it.

Really easy for little hands and fun too.

You can get the Magic Tap online or at Walmart for about $6.

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