Stores with the best return policies

HOUSTON – Returns are nothing new. Most stores will give a refund if a customer is unsatisfied.

But some retailers will do more than that. At Sam's Club, if a customer isn't happy with the quality of their meat, produce or baked goods, they're eligible to receive a refund of twice what they paid.

It's called the 200 percent guarantee. The store will let the customer exchange an item and still get their money back, but only if they're a Sam's Club member. It doesn't work for someone using a one-day pass.

Procter & Gamble has another slick offer. The company has a "double your money back guarantee" on its Dawn dishwashing liquid. If a customer is unsatisfied, they just have to send in their UPC and receipt within 30 days.

Aldi also offers the double guarantee. The grocer will replace whatever product a customer is unsatisfied with and refund the money.