Restaurant Report Card for July 11: Off-temperature food, slime, roaches, flies

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert

HOUSTON - It was lunchtime when Local 2's Amy Davis dropped in the Taco Bell at 5772 Hollister. A week earlier, inspectors said they found off-temperature taco meat, rice and chicken, no hot water and flies in the kitchen.

The manager on duty told us she was not allowed to talk with us and told us any statements would have to come from the corporate office.

"Corporate wasn't here, but you're in charge of the store, right?" Davis asked her. "Can you just tell me why food was off temperature?"

"No, we can't make any statements," she said.

After watching the exchange from his place in line, would-be customer Jose Ortega decided to head back to his office without a burrito.

"What would you rather have heard her say?" Davis asked Ortega. "Hopefully that they would've fixed the problem, or that they're doing something to fix the problem."

If managers did fix the broken cooler we told you about two weeks ago at the Bullritos on Weslayan and Richmond, it's broken again. Inspectors said the shrimp and cheese were a warm 56 degrees when they stopped by.

Maggiano's Little Italy on Post Oak near the Galleria had a repeat violation. Inspectors found pink slime in the ice machine back in April. This time it was pink and brown.

At Ruchi's El Rinco Mexico Grill at 11460 Fuqua, inspectors said they saw a roach crawling across a package of beef in the food prep area.

They said the cheese and french fries were off temperature at Beck's Prime at 2902 Kirby.

However, just up the road at 3320 Kirby, Hendrick's Pub gets an A. Arby's at 8611 Westheimer earns one too. Both had spotless inspections.

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