Woman stealing identities, spending people's money

Suspect pegged "All American Woman"

HARRIS COUNTY - An elderly Harris County woman on a fixed income is desperate for answers after her checking account information ended up in the wrong hands and cost her in a way she would have never imagined.

The woman who investigators say was behind this scheme may look like the mom next door, but she is no ordinary plain Jane. She's Judy Babineaux's worst nightmare.

"I nearly had a cow!" Babineaux said. That was her reaction when she discovered her checking account had practically been drained and was short $1,000.

Investigators said an unidentified woman stole her identity and went on a shopping spree, using counterfeit checks complete with the 71-year-old's account and routing number.

"I'd love to know how they got my information," Babineaux said.

Investigators have dubbed her the "All American Woman" because of her appearance. From her hairstyle to the clothes she wears, they say that's what made it so easy for her to get in and out of the stores with no questions asked.

"She is definitely working with someone, or someone is putting her up to this," said Sgt. Leona Peterson with the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

Police said the woman was caught on surveillance video buying gift cards and electronics at a Wal-Mart and Target in Beaumont, and groceries at a Houston area Kroger. All the more frustrating for Babineaux who lives on a fixed income.

"You works so hard for the stuff you have and then to have somebody do that. It's just wrong. Oh, I'd love to see them face to face," Babineaux said.

And this woman is no one hit wonder. Investigators said the woman they are looking for is now wanted by three Houston area law enforcement agencies.

"We don't want more victims. She's not going to stop. Let us know who she is because you could be the next victim," said Sgt. Peterson.

The other two victims live in Houston and Galveston. If you know who the woman in the surveillance video is, call the Harris County Sheriff's office at 713-967-5773. 

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