Westbury Square demolition underway

HOUSTON - An era is ending in southwest Houston as crews are demolishing the old Westbury Square.

Truth be told Westbury Square hasn't been in the best shape or drawn a crowd in years, but the square is a piece of history. The center was built in 1962 and was hugely popular for date nights and family outings for shoppers. But with the growth of the Galleria, Westbury Square declined in popularity over the years and the buildings were abandoned and neglected.

According to an agreement with the city, the buildings were ordered to be destroyed by Feb. 15. The demolition already started and should take a few days to clear.  But there's signs of preservation as some original bricks are wrapped up and hauled off for safe-keeping, and the old lamp posts have been preserved as well.

We've learned the actual blueprints have been found on the property. We're also hearing a new Westbury Square may be rebuilt in the future.

The other buildings on the property were not included in the demolition order.

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