Truant 9-year-old boy found with 21-year-old

New changes made at school to address safety concerns

HUMBLE, Texas - About two weeks ago, Carrie Holderread's 9-year-old son Carson decided to skip school and and spend the day riding bikes with a friend. A deputy constable spotted them and picked them up, and the deputy called her. 

"I get there and there's a grown man in the backseat of the police car and that concerned me a lot," said Holderread.

The friend Carson spent the day with is a 21-year-old man he ran into on the way to school. Carson's mom says it is a 21-year-old that is known to hang out with kids in the neighborhood.

"The guy told Carson, you're already going to be in trouble for being late to school, so you might as well skip school today," said Holderread.

The boy wasn't hurt, and the 21-year-old wasn't arrested, but Holdrread says it still made her uneasy.

She said she's also concerned she heard from police before she heard from Carson's school, Elm Grove Elementary, that her son wasn't in class.

She later found an email notification from the school in her junk email.

She took her concerns to the principal, and the school amended it's notification policy to include not just email, but a phone call when a kid is missing from class.

"If a child is not there by eight, I guess when the first bell rings, they're going to call the parents," said Holderread.

Humble School district said that change was made the next day to address safety concerns in the neighborhood after that incident.

It doesn't apply to every school in the district. The absentee notification policy is done on a school by school basis. 

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