Security guard stops burglary in own home

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - A security guard stopped a burglary that was happening in his own Southwest Houston home Thursday afternoon.

The security guard, Garland Breedlove, was at his home at the Kirkwood Landing Apartments when he says a man kicked in his front door. The guard said the man then walked right into the apartment, but Breedlove quickly stopped the would-be burglar.

"For safety precautions, because of my job, I grabbed my gun," said Breedlove. "First thing on my mind, grab my gun, grab my gun."

He told Local 2, "I grabbed my gun, then he went ahead and hit it (the door) one more time, kind of lightly, and took a whole step in like it was okay. I was like, 'that's not cool man.'  I didn't want to shoot the guy.  He looked kind of young, like my age."

Breedlove said the would-be burglar stopped his trip into the apartment, then ran off with a friend who was outside, waiting downstairs.

Breedlove said his splintered door frame will be be fixed, but he knows his home could have been ransacked. In that case, he said, the would-be burglar could have been killed.

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