Security concerns at Fourth of July celebrations

Cities across the country using more police

HOUSTON - The City of Houston is gearing up for the 'Freedom Over Texas' celebration set to start downtown at 4 p.m. on July 4. Thousands of people are expected to attend and the Houston Police Department will be handling security for the event.

"They're ahead of the curve," said Susan Christian, director of special events for the Mayor's office. "Houston Police Department Special Operations division sits with us around the table, they're part of the events planning team and they do a wonderful job."

Christian said there will be a visible police presence at Houston's celebration. If you bring a purse or a backpack, you can expect it to be searched, and no coolers are allowed. 

"HPD will provide security that best meets the needs of this event," Christian said. 

Cities all across America are beefing up security for the Fourth of July holiday, especially Boston. Law enforcement officers there said the marathon bombers had originally planned to attack their Independence Day celebration.  Plus they're accused of using materials from fireworks to make their bombs.  Because of that, the National Explosives Task Force (NETF) sent out an industry advisory urging sellers to look for people acting suspiciously. 

That could include buyers interested in purchasing large amounts of explosives, people making anti-US comments and people who may have injuries consistent with experimentation with explosives such as missing hands or fingers.

The owner of the fireworks shop on the Beltway near Pearland didn't get the advisory, but he said when it comes to security, they use common sense.

"We're on the lookout," said Jeff Dinh. "We make sure there's nothing suspicious going on cause we care for the safety of the people in the store and all around."

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