Trail riders come to the Houston Rodeo on horses and in wagons

By Mark Boyle - Reporter

HOUSTON - The Rodeo Houston parade is Saturday morning and it's an event that draws trail riders from all over.

One group from Hempstead will travel nearly 90 miles on horses and in wagons. More than 100 Prairie View riders hit the trail this week as they make their way to the rodeo.

"We've been having a good time, the trail riders are enjoying themselves and this is what they do," said Myrtis Dightman of the Prairie View Trail Riders. "They live for it. It's a great cause, the Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo."

The Prairie View trail riders spend about a week on the trail heading into Houston for the rodeo and they say there is one specific experience that's most memorable for all of them: passing schools and the Sam Houston Race Park.

"The trail riders love it, it's so exciting to see the enthusiasm of the young kids when they are coming out and they are screaming and hollering at us," said Dightman.

The trail riders will make it to Memorial Park on Friday where they will meet up with other groups from across the area as part of the Houston Rodeo kickoff celebration.

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