More break-ins at Memorial Park golf course

Houston police warn visitors to be on high alert after laptops, purses stolen

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HOUSTON - Only weeks after Houston police warned Memorial Park visitors to be on high alert for criminals breaking into vehicles, the crooks have struck again.

Four vehicles parked in front of the Memorial Park Golf Course were broken into on Tuesday between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

The crooks smashed windows and grabbed valuables such as laptops, briefcases and purses left inside the vehicles.

Steve Boyd, who  uses the public golf course several times a week, said he has never experienced any problems.

"Nothing really surprises me anymore," said Boyd. "I know crime is up a lot in areas. In my own neighborhood, my car was broken into."

Other people who work, run or golf at Memorial Park said they would be more careful following the most recent break-ins.

"I usually leave my purse in the car, but since that happened I take it in now and make sure I don't leave anything valuable inside," said Erica Esteves.

Despite holding programs to educate the public, and increasing patrols to deter criminals, Houston police say burglaries of motor vehicles are up fifteen percent in the first quarter of 2013.

Earlier this month, HPD demonstrated how easy it easy for crooks to break-into a vehicle.

During the demonstration, it took an officer only six seconds to smash a window and grab the valuables inside the vehicle.

HPD says the most recent incidents should remind people to never leave valuables in plain view inside their vehicle.

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