Man contacts high school girls through Facebook

Man offers gifts, money for dates

By Andy Cerota - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - The last year of high school is meant to be enjoyed, but for 17-year-old Jaci, a Crosby High senior, the joy of getting ready to graduate has been overshadowed by fear.

"I don't even feel comfortable in my own home anymore," said Jaci. "I want to lock the door before I go to sleep."

It all started with an odd Facebook message from a guy whom she's never met.

"He was offering me money," Jaci said. "He said, 'I'll offer you $10,000 scholarship to help in college because I've seen you work all these dead end jobs.' All I'd have to do is go on dates with him once a month and dress up."

The man saw she read the message and he sent more.

Jaci says she became so creeped out that she eventually told her mother, who filed a harassment complaint with the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

She also took it upon herself to play detective using the social media site.

"It popped up with pins," said Jaci's mother, Carri. "The pins where he had messaged her the first day, and the pins from where he said he was at home."

It didn't end there though. There were handwritten letters and a gift.

"This is just a small sample of my generosity. I really believe that you would be a deserving and appreciative sugar baby, and I really hope this works out."

Carri said those words were on a letter left for her daughter, along with $100 under a light pole in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

Crosby ISD said Jaci is one of at least three girls from Crosby High School who the unidentified man has tried to contact.

"My biggest fear is what I'd do if I ever got a hold of him.", said Carri.

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