Local 2 Investigates: Fallen firefighters charity alert

By Bill Spencer - Investigative Reporter

HOUSTON - Local 2 Investigates is learning about a charity alert targeting people trying to help the families of the four fallen Houston firefighters.

It all involves t-shirts being sold by a woman out of Indiana who's using the internet site teespring.com to market the t-shirts.

The program on tee-spring is called "Hugs For Houston."

The group is selling the t-shirts for $10. But Local 2 Investigates spoke with tee-spring.com. It told us $2.18 of the $10 will actually go to benefit the firefighters.

According to a spokeswoman for the Hugs For Houston, the proceeds will go toward the 100-Club of Houston which is a legitimate charity.

However, Local 2 investigates has learned the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association has received complaints and questions all weekend about "Hugs For Houston."

In fact, the 100 Club says it still has not heard directly from tee-spring.com.

And until we started digging, the 100 Club didn't even know about "Hugs-for-Houston's charitable efforts.

The Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association says if you want to make sure you're donations are going to the firefighters and their families that need help, than donate directly to the 100-Club of Houston.

It's also advising you to donate to the Houston Texas Fire Fighters Federal Credit Union to benefit the family of Captain William Dowling.

Dowling was critically injured in the fire.

100% of the money you donate to the 100 Club's Survivor's Fund goes to help victims' families.

Click here to donate to the 100 Club.

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