Hundreds gather in River Oaks to protest on both sides of George Zimmerman verdict

There were dozens of police officers, many on horses for crowd control

HOUSTON - Dueling groups of protesters converged on a wealthy Houston neighborhood in reaction to last weekend's not-guilty verdict in the shooting death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin.

Around 80 people gathered Sunday on a street in Houston's River Oaks area, some carrying American flags and shouting support for stand-your-ground self-defense laws.

Both groups met at Wylie Park and marched to River Oaks.

Their presence was in response to several hundred people organized by Houston activist Quanell X, who led a march for more than an hour through the same neighborhood's streets.

Police officers, many on horseback, kept the crowds moving and separated.

Except for some insults shouted, the marches and rallies appeared peaceful.

Crowds have rallied in dozens of U.S. cities, urging authorities to change self-defense laws and pressing federal civil rights charges against the former neighborhood watch leader who killed Martin.

A Trayvon Martin family lawyer made the rounds in Houston Sunday. Attorney Daryl Parks visited churches across the city. He spoke alongside lawyers and congressional representatives.

One of the platforms he addressed was the 'stand your ground law'. Local 2 asked if he would like to see the law changed.

"You've got to change the law," said Parks "I think it encourages vigilante justice and the last thing we need in our country is vigilante justice. I think we need people to be reasonable. I mean, I'm a concealed weapon owner, I want to be safe. I may get in some situation where I need a concealed weapon permit, however, there is a reasonable way to do it."

Parks would not go into detail as to what exactly these changes might be.

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