Houston's most eligible bachelors

Amongst Houston's most eligible bachelors: musician, former model, traveler

By Lauren Freeman - Anchor

HOUSTON - If you're looking for love in Houston, you know it can be rather elusive! It's estimated for every 115 single men, there are only 100 single ladies.

Here's a look at three of Houston's most eligible bachelors.

Tony Prisk is a full-time Houston Symphony trumpet player with a need for speed.

"I also race cars, I track them," Prisk said. He added, "I've had many cars over the years and I got into racing cars about 2 1/2 years ago."

Besides racing, the 38-year-old also loves to stay active working out and being outdoors.

"Since I started driving when I was 16, I've owned 24 cars, I believe," Prisk said.

He's originally from Chicago, but loves Houston's food and drink!

"I enjoy going to restaurants with friends and having a libation at the local bar," said Prisk. He added, "After concerts we like to let loose a little bit and talk about life events."

He's looking for long-term love, a wife and children.

"I play trumpet for a living, so somebody is going to have to deal with me practicing trumpet quite a bit," said Prisk. "I do play three to four hours a day at times and so there's an aspect of wanting or needing to appreciate that aspect of music in my life."

Jason Cohen, 25, is a part of his family furniture business, but he's also an entrepreneur and former model.

"I am head of sales for Blum's Furniture Company," said Cohen.

Cohen works with his family and loves being with his family. What does he think is the biggest challenge for meeting that special lady?

"The pool is so large," said Cohen. "I think that's the biggest challenge. The pool is so large and you have to meet a lot of people to ultimately filter what you want."

The Houston native wants a wife and kids and loves meeting interesting people.

"I enjoy travel. I enjoy working out. I enjoy reading," said Cohen. "I enjoy learning about new things and I enjoy people. I think you learn a lot about yourself from the people you meet."

Luke Fertitta was also born and raised in Houston. He admits he has a famous last name.

"I'm some what related," Fertitta said. "I'm a distant cousin, but that's about it."

Fertitta lives in the Heights and is now in the real estate business.

"On a Saturday night I like to go out to dinner," Fertitta said. "With all these new restaurants in Houston, I like to check out the new scene, check out new food. I'm slowly getting into wine."

He also likes to cook at home and loves to fish!

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