Houston camp brings outdoors to cancer patients and kids in hospital

By Haley Hernandez - Health Reporter

HOUSTON - MD Anderson Children's Cancer Center offers treatments to kids with the most advanced stages of childhood cancer.

This means a lot of time the kids can't even leave the hospital and that can be especially difficult when all their friends are on Spring Break. An organization called "Camp For All 2U" is trying to make staying inside the hospital a little more fun.

They bring together a mix of cancer patients and children of cancer patients at MD Anderson, bringing the outdoors inside to them.

They have archery, canoes and crafts. A little more fun than what you expect cancer treatment to look like.

"No! It's not fun getting chemo at all," 8-year-old Elise said. "And making the tutu is really fun because you get glitter all over yourself."

Spring break for cancer patients like Elise is filled with treatments and radiation.

Camp For All gives all ages a break for some playtime with kids who can really relate to each other.

"I didn't have an appointment today but I like to come up just to hang out," said 16-year-old Ulysses Segovia who is a few rounds away from completing treatment.

Pat Sorrells, the Camp For All president said this gives the children more self value, "This is what's happening here today, these kids can't leave the hospital and they're coming down here and experiencing the growth and self confidence and enjoyment of camp."

"I learned to do archery here last year, I learned to shoot a bow and arrow, I was a natural so it introduced me to a new hobby," Ulysses said, and that's why he came back this year.

But its what all of the children are not thinking about that their nurse says will help them to heal.

"I think it probably enriches their life and enhances there life as they're going through what's possibly the hardest thing they'll ever have to go through in their life," pediatric nurse Carra Hartley said. "(To) retreat from everything else that goes on in your normal life to be able to be silly and have fun, and laugh and dance around, and joke around and get outside of your real life for a minute."

Elise says it doesn't compare to the joy of being home but it makes being here a little better.

Camp For All comes back every spring break and summer.

To reach them you can visit their website or their Facebook .

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