Home burglaries reported in Shepherd Park area

Electronics, family valuables stolen

HOUSTON - A home in Shepherd Park was robbed Monday while a man was gone from his home for just a short time.

Aurelien Bouchet has had no luck from neighbors on whether or not anyone saw anything, but he said the burglars just kicked the door hard and it just gave in.

They managed to grab computers, GPS, XBOX, all the electronics they could find," said Bouchet. "They tried to take the TV too."

Bouchet said the stolem items are worth thousands of dollars, and he's also had to spend money to repair the door and reinforce the rest of his home.

"A lot of the things on the computer are not replaceable," said Bouchet. "It's sentimental value more than money. It's a shame."

Within an hour of Bouchet's home being burlgarized, another home in the same area was broken into.

Neighborhoods are on alert and police have beefed up patrols to protect the neighborhood.

Bouchet and his wife recently invested in a security alarm. He believes that's what kept the burglars from spending more time in their home than they did.

"Even though we've had some burglaries in the area, you always think maybe they left something open, that it wouldn't happen to you, but that's just not the case," said Bouchet.

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