Dozens of Zimmerman protesters march downtown

It was the second day in a row Houstonians took their anger to the streets

HOUSTON - Dozens of protesters tied to the George Zimmerman verdict marched Tuesday in downtown Houston.

The protesters began assembling at around noon at the courthouse, then marched to City Hall.

Police on horseback surrounded the demonstrators, while others stood firm after setting up barricades in front of the courthouse doors.

However, the crowd was not deterred from their message, demanding justice, for Trayvon Martin.

From the criminal courthouse, the group marched to the federal courthouse on Rusk to call for a civil investigation of Zimmerman by the Department of Justice.

The crowd became a bit more rowdy at the federal courthouse, as they jammed into the lobby and demanded to be let inside the building. However, federal agents stood firm.

There were no arrests and eventually the crowd left and peacefully marched to City Hall.

It's the second day in a row Houstonians took their anger to the streets, saying the not guilty verdict for Zimmerman was a miscarriage of justice.

On Monday evening, hundreds of protesters led by community activist Quanell X blocked traffic on Highway 288 near Southmore for around 15 minutes. They even carried a symbolic casket for Trayvon Martin.

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