Creamy Amatriciana Pasta

HEB Chef Anna Ferrando

Cooking Time: 15 minutes

Serves 4-6



8 ounces bacon, chopped

½ cup Aloutte Garlic and Herb OR Boursin Garlic and Herb Cheese

1 jar Orti Di Calabria Amatriciana Sauce

1 pkg. Ravarino and Freschi Pasta, of choice  

grated parmesan and chopped basil, as garnish


1.      Cook pasta as directed on the package.

2.      In large skillet cook bacon until crispy over medium-high heat.

3.      Add Amatriciana sauce and cheese.

4.      Stir and allow to simmer until well blended. Toss with cooked pasta.

5.      Garnish with parmesan and fresh basil and enjoy with a full glass of wine.

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