Baby hit by rock has lasting repercussions

Family upset over bullying

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - A rock-throwing incident that critically injured a 7-month-old baby in Southeast Houston has a mother upset and in fear for her safety, and community activists are calling for action.

The 7-month-old, LeDerek Underwood, just isn't the same after he was hit in the head with a flying rock, according to his family. The infant was in critical condition when paramedics rushed him to the hospital last Monday, where he spent nearly a week.

LeDerek's mother said the rock was cast by several youngsters she said are known to sell drugs and commit other crime. They had harassed her family and thrown rocks at them on several occasions.

When she called police she said they retaliated, and that's when her son was hit as his grandmother was taking him inside.

HPD has a couple of officers patrolling the complex, but the family, along with community activists, said more needs to be done to protect the people who live here.

"What self-respecting, decent community of men would allow an element among them to target babies," asked Quannel X. "Harming and killing babies and there is no retaliation to stop that?"

LeDerek's mother Magnolia said, "I'll be at my sister-in-law's house, or I'll be at my mama's or my grandmama's house. I won't be here."

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