4 things you never knew your new baby needs


HOUSTON – New parents, when you aren't busy baby proofing your home, building a crib, sleep training, feeding your bundle of joy or fighting chronic sleeplessness, prepare for your child's future by adding these things to the top of your to-do list.

1. Get your newborn a savings account

Open a savings account in your newborn's name as a way to save money for your child's future and as a tool to teach your child financial literacy down the road.


As your child grows older, use the savings account as an opportunity to teach your little one about money management. Give your kid a glimpse at how banks work and give them a secure place to stash their allowance and birthday money. Use an ATM card to show your child how transactions work.

Pro tip:

When you head to the bank to set up your child's savings account, bring along your ID, your child's birth certificate and enough money to meet an account minimum balance if there is one. Consider opening a savings account with no minimum account balance requirement or monthly maintenance fee.

2. Designate a guardian for your child in your will

Guarantee your child is cared for according to your wishes. A lawyer can help you decide who you want to designate as your kid's Guardian and who will manage the assets your baby inherits.


Enjoy peace of mind knowing your child's future is secure.

Pro tip:

Consider updating your will each time you experience a major life change: marriage, divorce, the birth of a child, large purchases and more.

3. Create an email address for your baby

Secure an email address for your child early on. It'll ensure your kiddo gets an email that looks good and corresponds with their given name, something they can list on a resume or college application in the future. If you leave it up to chance, years down the road, your child-turned-teen might get saddled with a jumbled mashup of letters and numbers that looks more like a vanity plate than an email address.


Use the email account to document your child's major milestones. Every time a big moment happens, take out your phone and email your kid a note, photo or video. Share the email address with family and friends to create an even more detailed archive of your kid's childhood.

Pro tip:

Don't forget to pick a service provider that'll be around years from now.

4. Buy a domain name for your child

Snap up a domain name for your newborn before it's gone. When your little one hits the job market, make sure your young professional has a fighting chance landing a job by ensuring they've got an appropriate domain name for their portfolio.


In the meantime, use the domain to blog your child's big life moments. Or, sit on it until they need it.

Pro tip:

Create an appropriate domain name your child won’t be embarrassed to use decades down the line.

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