Britta’s Weather Lab School Visit Request Form


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we are not currently offering Britta's Weather Lab school visits. We hope to resume Britta's Weather Lab school visits once the situation has returned to normal in our area. Please stay tuned to Channel 2 News Today for updates on Britta's Weather Lab.

HOUSTON – Teachers, would you like KPRC2′s resident “mad scientist” Britta Merwin to show up at your school?

OK, OK. Britta isn't a mad scientist. In fact, she might be the happiest scientist around!


When Britta isn't at her day job as a meteorologist on KPRC2 News Today helping to keep your family safe and plan your day, she's in her weather lab assembling.

Fortunately for Houston-area schools, Britta brings her lab on the road on Thursday mornings.


Administrators and teachers, if you’d like Britta to visit your school, please fill out the form submission below. A few things to keep in mind: the request must be sent from an official school district email address; Britta only makes her visits on Thursday mornings; there are certain blackout dates around holidays (and summer, obviously), and we cannot honor all requests.