Cookin' Time With H-E-B: Tropical Hatch Salmon

Here are some yummy recipes from the kitchens of H-E-B that you saw featured on KPRC2 News Midday.

Tropical Hatch Salmon


1 Lb Atlantic Salmon
1 1/2 cup(s) Fisher Wieser Harvest Peach & Hatch Pepper Sauce
4 Oz H-E-B Pico De Gallo
2 Oz Ottavio Private Reserve Olive Oil
2 Tbsp Adams Reserve Southwest Ancho Rub
1 Cedar Grilling Plank


1) Soak your cedar plank for 30 minutes in water.

2) Meanwhile, mix your Pico De Gallo and hatch sauce in a small bowl and set aside.

3) Wash your salmon then pat dry, drizzle olive oil over salmon and put the rub over salmon.

4) Preheat grill to medium-high heat Put Cedar Plank on the grill for 3 minutes then lay salmon
skin-side down in the middle of the cedar plank. Cover grill lid, until salmon just cooked
through and the edges are browned - about 13-15 minutes. Salmon should be at 145 degrees .

5) Take Salmon off the cedar plank with a spatula should come right off skin. Pour the hatch
sauce mixture over hot salmon and serve