Where to watch fireworks across the Houston area: KPRC 2 viewers share their favorite spots

HOUSTON – A great Independence Day fireworks display should be celebrated in a great location, free of obstruction.

We asked KPRC 2 viewers where they like to experience Fourth of July fireworks in their neck of the woods and here are some of the answers we received. 

  • T. C. Jester overpass of White Oak Bayou near the railroad yard
  • 45th and Seawall in Galveston
  • Barker and Tuckerton in Towne Lakes
  • Behind the University of Houston downtown at North Main Street
  • In the Heights at Stude Park off of White Oak and Michaux
  • North Braeswood and Buffalo Speedway
  • West Lake Houston Parkway and Kingwood Drive in Kingwood
  • Gulfton at Rampart 
  • Bissonnett at Forum Park
  • West Montgomery at South Victory
  • Along Allen Parkway
  • Katy Mills Mall
  • Typhoon Texas
  • Kemah Boardwalk

Where would you add? Be sure to mention the cross streets in the comments.


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